Pitch Keeper Method

With the Pitch Keeper Method you have to answer the relative pitch question: Is the second note played lower, higher or the same. The time between the notes can be increased from 0 to 1500 seconds. In the beginning you may answer the pitch questions only correct, if the time between the notes is less than 1.5 seconds. Through training you can push this time to 2 seconds. and so forth. Since there is nothing nearer to remembering pitch than to produce a pitch, the method supports your pushing of the limit, by letting you sing the heard first note. The colored pitch line feedback gives you the necessary confidence that you have taken over the pitch correctly. Try to remember the muscle positions you use to produce the sound. Before the second sound starts, a white noise signals you that you should prepare yourself for the question. To do this, recall the muscle positions from your muscle memory and sing the note again. By correctly reproducing the sound, it gets easy to answer the question when the second note is sounded, since the reference note is now less than 1.5 seconds away from the second note..

The Keeper Method *click on image to zoom

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